2 for 1 Friend Discount

2 for 1 Friend Discount

Muscle Motives is back!

Motivation, Knowledge and Accountability!

  • Let's start this off right! Full Skype/Facetime session to get your program setup and motivated to reach your goals!
  • Monthly Recurring payment and as always, you can Cancel ANYTIME!

    ~Monthly Facetime/Skypes~

    • Everything for sale on my site is included for FREE with this Program (except Impulse Fitness).
    • Weekly Check-Ups on Personalized Diet with adjustments as needed.
    • Weekly Check-Ups regarding Workouts with New and Exciting Routines as your body adjusts.
    • Most of our communication will be through email but you can text me with any emergencies. 

    ~Weekly Check-Ins~

    • Recipes sent to you personally each month.
    • You will receive weekly emails from my program, Everyday is Monday!

      If you have questions please just email me at MikeMuscleMotives@gmail.com

      **All Fitness Levels. Beginner - Expert.

      All programs will be customized to you and your goals.

       Invest in your Health for No One else can.