Why choose us?

Healthy Lifestyle

One of the major aspects of our nutrition plans is teaching you how to choose foods and plan meals; it’s learning how to create and maintain a healthy life style.

Build Muscle

All fitness programs are fully-customized routines meeting individual needs.  Every 2 weeks these programs are adjusted to ensure your body is responding properly and you’re seeing results.

Custom Nutrition Plan
Meal plans are fully customized to each individual.  Every 2 weeks these plans are evaluated to ensure your body is responding and you’re seeing results. Each coach has their own philosophy, but they break it down to a level where you learn and are able to understand why you are eating the food you eat.
Stay Updated
Based on your progress we will make adjustments every 2 weeks to your diet and nutrition, training, exercise and cardio to ensure you don't hit a wall or plateau.
How to get Started
Once you select your Trainer or Coach you will select a program they offer. When you purchase your plan you will receive an email with a questionnaire. Fill out the information and email it to your Trainer or Coach at the email address to you. If you have any questions, please email us at Info@MuscleMotives.com
Check your email messages often. All Trainers are very active with their clients and always reach out to check in or even say hello. We do this to prove to you that we will be here along the way or you can quit and cancel at any time. It's in your hands.