Post Show Rebound E-Book

Post Show Rebound E-Book

  • Have you been in a caloric deficit for a prolonged time?
  • Have you been eating low amounts of calories without any weight loss?
  • Did you just compete in a show?
  • Do you binge a lot with food and have disordered eating habits?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you should Reverse Diet.  Who wouldn’t want to eat more and stay in beast mode?  So you’ve just gotten off of contest prep (or maybe just some extremely ridiculous calorie deficit diet), competed in your first show (or maybe tenth who knows), ate everything you could at the diner post competition, and now you are feeling less the ideal.  So what’s next? How do you find a balance between being “that” guy (or gal) brining your Tupperware with you to social outings and measuring out every single meal…to staying healthy (mentally and physically) and keeping that shredded body you worked so hard for over the past three months?  You Reverse Diet that’s what you do.....