Your Biggest Inspiration

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Have you ever been asked this question before? Have you ever wanted to respond with 100% assurance and confidence but find yourself struggling to state just exactly who that is? Have you ever needed inspiration from someone who could lift you up and remind you that you CAN do it?  

This was a problem I ran into as a young woman, with a big vision, and high expectations for myself. This was a problem I kept running into at networking events, interviews, deep soul chats and wherever else the question arose 

Honestly though, who do you turn to and talk to on those days where doubt creeps in? Who do you see in the public eye that is humble, loving, and REAL? I couldn’t answer that question for a while. So what did I do? I started becoming what I was looking for. 

I took time to hone in on what is what I was living for, I created a personal mission statement, I surrounded myself with people who believed in me, empowered me, and helped me grow. I started believing more and more in what I was doing and what I was created for.  

Months past, intentional action was taken day after day within the parameters of the environment I mentioned in the last few sentences and then came a turn for the worse. 

My faith, belief, and vision was shaken. It was shaken beyond recognition to the point where I no longer wanted to get out of bed in the morning. It wasn’t a singular event that led to this dark place, it was a series of daily doubts and lack of focus that welcomed me into a downward spiral. I was financially drained, temporarily without hope, and I wondered how I let myself get to this place.   

What happened next was monumental, a turning point, a pure intervention: I started scrolling my old blog posts and Youtube channel. I reviewed video after video, post after post when I started saying to myself, Wow I REALLY like that girl.  

She was confident, she was filled with light, she was empowered, she was strong,  she was providing value, she was relatable, she was inspiring. I couldn’t believe that was me at one time. I couldn’t believe how far I felt from her, but what I did believe was that I had done it once, and I could do it again. 

I could be confident, filled with light, empowered, strong, providing value, relatable, and I could be my OWN inspiration…  

Who would have thought that I could inspire myself? I sure as heck didn’t previously but looking back now it makes perfect sense.  

I never had what I was looking for, so I became it instead.  

I will leave you with this: 

If you are currently in a place of frustration, doubt, fear, hopelessness, and darkness, look back to a time where you overcame something you NEVER thought you could. Read something you wrote, said, or showed previously that highlights your strengths. Allow that to inspire you, guide you, and remind you that YOU are your biggest inspiration.

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