Ready? Fire! Aim.

Ever wonder what the difference was between the go getters, the go-doers, the visionaries to reality-ers and the dreamers, sit backers, and I wishers? It could be one simple mix up in the order of these three words: 
Ready. Aim. Fire.
You’ve probably heard of these three words in this same sequence before. You may think of a shooting range or an apple and an archery arrow. You may think of a basketball player shooting a free throw or a soccer player shooting a penalty kick. Whichever visual you have in your head, keep it there for the remainder of your reading and put yourself in first person perspective.
Got it? Good. Now back to business, whether you are the shooter, player, or other in this visual, think about how you body is positioned. Think about the stance of your feet, the way your head is turned, the posture of your body. Think about the energy stored up inside your body just waiting to be used.  
Now here’s where the script gets flipped, the plot gets twisted, and the OCD get REALLY angry at me …  
FIRE first, aim later.
WOAH. You just missed the target horribly. You just shot a bird instead of the apple on the top of the wooden post. You just shot an air ball instead of swoosh. You just shot over the goal post. You just FIRED and guess what? I’m freaking proud of you.
Why you ask? Because there are countless people that spend their lives simply aiming. There are millions of people who spend their time talking, perceiving, dreaming, envisioning, and never taking ANY sort of action on those things, never RELEASING that stored energy. And there are FAR too many people worried about playing the game when they never even stepped foot on the practice field.
Don’t worry though, I won’t let that be you though. I won’t let you simply hold your position expecting to score from the start. I won’t let you talk without learning how to walk. I won’t let you dream without waking up to chase them. I won’t let you ready, aim, and fire.  
But what I will do is empower you. What I will do is stand by you and tell you that YOU SURE CAN. What I will do is encourage you to flip your perspective on what it looks like to take two words, exchange them, and RELEASE stored energy just waiting to ready, FIRE, and then aim.  

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