How to Choose a Personal Trainer

How to Choose a Personal Trainer
We understand that choosing a personal trainer isn’t always easy. We understand that making a drastic change in your lifestyle can be a little scary. We are confident in the Master Trainers that make up Muscle Motives and we want to help you choose the trainer that is going to be BEST for you. 
Here are a few questions and things to consider when you are choosing a trainer.

1. What is their education?
A trainer that has a Bachelors degree in a fitness related field is more likely to have more knowledge about areas of the body than a standard certified trainer. 

2. What is their experience?
How long have they been training other clients? A person that has been training for many years will have many clients that have been able to transform their lives with the trainer’s help. Not saying that new trainers cannot help you but know that there may be a learning curve to overcome for them.

3. What do they do in their everyday life?
Are they walking the walk and not just talking the talk? Check them out on social media, ask around, they can’t help you if they can’t help themselves. 

4.Are they going to be there for the other days when you are NOT in the gym?
The easiest part of lifestyle changes is taking 45 mins to an hour and getting to the gym. What is your trainer doing to help you the other 23 hours in the day? They don’t have to be breathing over your shoulder watching what you eat and do, but they should be making sure you’re sticking to what you said you were going to do.

5. Are they checking in on you?
Do they actually care if you do well or not. This is BIG. Maybe you don’t need constant check ins which is fine, but your trainer should be checking in at least once a week with you.

6. Did they overcome something/relatable?
This is something added to consider. If you are someone that needs to lose a significant amount of weight, choosing a trainer that has already done that could increase your chance of succeeding by a ton! Imagine being able to relate to your trainer on those REALLY tough days and feeling like you are not alone. 

7. Are they encouraging/motivating you?
This goes back to actually considering if this person actually cares. If they care about you, they will care about your emotional and mental state during this journey too. Find yourself a trainer that encourages and motivates you!

8. Do they want you to succeed?
Some trainers simply want a pay check and that’s okay. Living requires money to be made. However, having a trainer that wants you to succeed is invaluable. Having the hold you accountable on the days where you want to give up, is what’s going to make the difference between reaching your goals and letting your goals pass you by. Want to learn how to set goals that increase your chances of reaching them? Grab a ladder and check out SMART GOALS BLOG

9. Are they teaching or are they telling you?
It’s up to you really, but when choosing a trainer, you should ask yourself what your goal is in hiring them. Do you want to learn or do you want to only do. Either way, consider this question.

10. Will you benefit from them in the long haul?
What are they offering that is valuable to your long term goals? The goal of hiring anyone in a wellness or fitness field is so that you can become independent and grow beyond the services provided. So ask yourself how will you benefit from this service beyond the time you work together. 

 Now that you have these questions to consider, you are ready to choose your Master Trainer. We are looking forward to providing you with the best service possible and discovering, what is your motive?

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