Do You Even Train Transparency Bro?

It has happened to all of us one time or another. We are proud of something we are doing or something that we have accomplished. Someone may approach us and make a suggestion or have constructive criticism for us. We get defensive and think to ourselves, “What the BLANK does this person know about anything, let alone my thing.”  

We may smile and nod and in our heads dismiss every word that they say ignoring the notion that they might actually be providing you with value. Maybe they have been in your same position and want to help prevent you from making a huge mistake that cost them years of their life. 

Something critical that we forget at times is that we don’t know everything. Something else that we often forget is that other people may genuinely want to help us and aren’t out to hurt us. 

These are two things that have to do with other people, but how about with yourself? How often do you check yourself, and I’m not about stopping by the mirror every chance you get to flex, I’m talking about how often do you check your mind, heart, and habits in accordance with what you’re after? 

It’s not always easy to take a closer look at who you are and what you’re doing, especially if you have become someone that you don’t want to be. But that’s the beauty of growing. That’s the beauty of the process. You are never stuck in one place and the more transparent you are with yourself, the better position you are placing yourself in to reach higher. 

So the question I leave you with is this: 

Do you reflect as often as you flex?  

If you answered no, step away from the mirror and make gains in a new area today. One that will inspire other people and inspire yourself.

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