How I got my Smile back

"My name is Allison Murphy. I've worked with Mike for about 3 years now. I first found him through Facebook and saw he did online coaching so I decided to reach out.  I wanted to go into my first fitness show and seeing he had experience felt he would be a great trainer...and he was.  He asked a ton of questions to make sure my diet and routine fit my lifestyle. Knowing I was a beginner the exercises he had me do in the beginning weren't too difficult and as I got more comfortable in the gym he would change and add things to challenge me. 
He broke everything down for me and made it so easy, he told me what items I could eat and at what point in the day I could eat them.  He also made sure I knew the portions I needed to eat which was super important for what I was looking to do.  He made sure there were options as there are some things I wouldn't eat or didn't like so he made sure there was something else in its place.  
If your questioning the whole online coaching thing it's not hard he will Skype with you and make sure you stay on track he's patient and will guide you every step of the way!!  Mike was great and I still go to him for advice and guidance today."

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