Quit putting it OFF!

"I live quite a distance from where Mike is located at. Mike is a trainer that you can have from a distance or close. I did my train with Mike through videos, Skyping and email. He had me keep track of my food intake and exercise. I then sent all this information to him through email every week. He would evaluate it and tell you what he would like for you to do next in your meals and exercise. Every time I would hit a plateau he would change up either my food and or my exercise program to make me succeed at losing weight and getting in shape. The best part of the food rotations is when you are rewarded with a cheat meal. Those cheat meals I enjoyed every part and made them last.
Mike has a way of keeping you motivated even when you are not feeling the motivation. He tells you “Ok you messed up on your food this week so let’s start again or you weren’t as active on your exercising so let’s pick it up and do a little better tomorrow.” He looks at what works for a person and what doesn’t work. If your food plan isn’t working, he has you try different things one at a time until it works. Every person is different and he makes a plan that works for you. He gives you the explanation of why he has you eat some things but not others. He educates you in your work out and meal plan. In Mikes words “It doesn’t matter which day of the week you start, every is Monday”. So quit putting it all off until Monday when you can start today."


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