Your Biggest Inspiration

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Have you ever been asked this question before? Have you ever wanted to respond with 100% assurance and confidence but find yourself struggling to state just exactly who that is? Have you ever needed inspiration from someone who could lift you up and remind you that you CAN do it?  

This was a problem I ran into as a young woman, with a big vision, and high expectations for myself. This was a problem I kept running into at networking events, interviews, deep soul chats and wherever else the question arose 

Honestly though, who do you turn to and talk to on those days where doubt creeps in? Who do you see in the public eye that is humble, loving, and REAL? I couldn’t answer that question for a while. So what did I do? I started becoming what I was looking for. 

I took time to hone in on what is what I was living for, I created a personal mission statement, I surrounded myself with people who believed in me, empowered me, and helped me grow. I started believing more and more in what I was doing and what I was created for.  

Months past, intentional action was taken day after day within the parameters of the environment I mentioned in the last few sentences and then came a turn for the worse. 

My faith, belief, and vision was shaken. It was shaken beyond recognition to the point where I no longer wanted to get out of bed in the morning. It wasn’t a singular event that led to this dark place, it was a series of daily doubts and lack of focus that welcomed me into a downward spiral. I was financially drained, temporarily without hope, and I wondered how I let myself get to this place.   

What happened next was monumental, a turning point, a pure intervention: I started scrolling my old blog posts and Youtube channel. I reviewed video after video, post after post when I started saying to myself, Wow I REALLY like that girl.  

She was confident, she was filled with light, she was empowered, she was strong,  she was providing value, she was relatable, she was inspiring. I couldn’t believe that was me at one time. I couldn’t believe how far I felt from her, but what I did believe was that I had done it once, and I could do it again. 

I could be confident, filled with light, empowered, strong, providing value, relatable, and I could be my OWN inspiration…  

Who would have thought that I could inspire myself? I sure as heck didn’t previously but looking back now it makes perfect sense.  

I never had what I was looking for, so I became it instead.  

I will leave you with this: 

If you are currently in a place of frustration, doubt, fear, hopelessness, and darkness, look back to a time where you overcame something you NEVER thought you could. Read something you wrote, said, or showed previously that highlights your strengths. Allow that to inspire you, guide you, and remind you that YOU are your biggest inspiration.

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Ready? Fire! Aim.

Ever wonder what the difference was between the go getters, the go-doers, the visionaries to reality-ers and the dreamers, sit backers, and I wishers? It could be one simple mix up in the order of these three words: 
Ready. Aim. Fire.
You’ve probably heard of these three words in this same sequence before. You may think of a shooting range or an apple and an archery arrow. You may think of a basketball player shooting a free throw or a soccer player shooting a penalty kick. Whichever visual you have in your head, keep it there for the remainder of your reading and put yourself in first person perspective.
Got it? Good. Now back to business, whether you are the shooter, player, or other in this visual, think about how you body is positioned. Think about the stance of your feet, the way your head is turned, the posture of your body. Think about the energy stored up inside your body just waiting to be used.  
Now here’s where the script gets flipped, the plot gets twisted, and the OCD get REALLY angry at me …  
FIRE first, aim later.
WOAH. You just missed the target horribly. You just shot a bird instead of the apple on the top of the wooden post. You just shot an air ball instead of swoosh. You just shot over the goal post. You just FIRED and guess what? I’m freaking proud of you.
Why you ask? Because there are countless people that spend their lives simply aiming. There are millions of people who spend their time talking, perceiving, dreaming, envisioning, and never taking ANY sort of action on those things, never RELEASING that stored energy. And there are FAR too many people worried about playing the game when they never even stepped foot on the practice field.
Don’t worry though, I won’t let that be you though. I won’t let you simply hold your position expecting to score from the start. I won’t let you talk without learning how to walk. I won’t let you dream without waking up to chase them. I won’t let you ready, aim, and fire.  
But what I will do is empower you. What I will do is stand by you and tell you that YOU SURE CAN. What I will do is encourage you to flip your perspective on what it looks like to take two words, exchange them, and RELEASE stored energy just waiting to ready, FIRE, and then aim.  
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Transform Your Lifestyle Now

What would it look like if you transformed your lifestyle to meet your goals? 

What does transform even mean?

It means to undergo a change in form, appearance, or character; the act of becoming transformed. 

This means changing intentionally to become better than you ever were before. This means leaving some old habits, things, and even people behind so that you may grow as a result. This means practicing new habits/skills. This means surrounding yourself with people the encourage you, support you, and challenge you. This means looking different, talking different, and walking different.   

Transforming doesn’t mean temporarily fixing your outer appearance, it means completely changing from the inside out. You may have heard of this example before. 

Think about a caterpillar. When a caterpillar enters into a cocoon all it sees is darkness. It sees a place different from what it used to know. But little does the caterpillar know, this place will lead to the most incredible transformation EVER. Just outside of this dark, tiny, cocoon is a life unimaginable. A life full of new confidence, a new appearance, and new heights. A life that where all of it’s goals are achieved,  

Maybe you’re in a place right now where you are unsure about this new lifestyle you are striving to live. Maybe you are unsure about the actual transformation and if it’s even possible. Maybe you need to take a moment to reflect. -->> Transparency 

What I am here to tell you is that, you NEED to commit to transforming today. You NEED to commit and decide on your goals. Set goals here SMART GOALS because without this, you will not become all that you can be.  

But with the thought transformation ingrained in your mind, heart, and soul, your actions will conspire to help you meet your goals and become ALL that you were made to be. 

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Do You Even Train Transparency Bro?

It has happened to all of us one time or another. We are proud of something we are doing or something that we have accomplished. Someone may approach us and make a suggestion or have constructive criticism for us. We get defensive and think to ourselves, “What the BLANK does this person know about anything, let alone my thing.”  

We may smile and nod and in our heads dismiss every word that they say ignoring the notion that they might actually be providing you with value. Maybe they have been in your same position and want to help prevent you from making a huge mistake that cost them years of their life. 

Something critical that we forget at times is that we don’t know everything. Something else that we often forget is that other people may genuinely want to help us and aren’t out to hurt us. 

These are two things that have to do with other people, but how about with yourself? How often do you check yourself, and I’m not about stopping by the mirror every chance you get to flex, I’m talking about how often do you check your mind, heart, and habits in accordance with what you’re after? 

It’s not always easy to take a closer look at who you are and what you’re doing, especially if you have become someone that you don’t want to be. But that’s the beauty of growing. That’s the beauty of the process. You are never stuck in one place and the more transparent you are with yourself, the better position you are placing yourself in to reach higher. 

So the question I leave you with is this: 

Do you reflect as often as you flex?  

If you answered no, step away from the mirror and make gains in a new area today. One that will inspire other people and inspire yourself.

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How to Choose a Personal Trainer

How to Choose a Personal Trainer
We understand that choosing a personal trainer isn’t always easy. We understand that making a drastic change in your lifestyle can be a little scary. We are confident in the Master Trainers that make up Muscle Motives and we want to help you choose the trainer that is going to be BEST for you. 
Here are a few questions and things to consider when you are choosing a trainer.

1. What is their education?
A trainer that has a Bachelors degree in a fitness related field is more likely to have more knowledge about areas of the body than a standard certified trainer. 

2. What is their experience?
How long have they been training other clients? A person that has been training for many years will have many clients that have been able to transform their lives with the trainer’s help. Not saying that new trainers cannot help you but know that there may be a learning curve to overcome for them.

3. What do they do in their everyday life?
Are they walking the walk and not just talking the talk? Check them out on social media, ask around, they can’t help you if they can’t help themselves. 

4.Are they going to be there for the other days when you are NOT in the gym?
The easiest part of lifestyle changes is taking 45 mins to an hour and getting to the gym. What is your trainer doing to help you the other 23 hours in the day? They don’t have to be breathing over your shoulder watching what you eat and do, but they should be making sure you’re sticking to what you said you were going to do.

5. Are they checking in on you?
Do they actually care if you do well or not. This is BIG. Maybe you don’t need constant check ins which is fine, but your trainer should be checking in at least once a week with you.

6. Did they overcome something/relatable?
This is something added to consider. If you are someone that needs to lose a significant amount of weight, choosing a trainer that has already done that could increase your chance of succeeding by a ton! Imagine being able to relate to your trainer on those REALLY tough days and feeling like you are not alone. 

7. Are they encouraging/motivating you?
This goes back to actually considering if this person actually cares. If they care about you, they will care about your emotional and mental state during this journey too. Find yourself a trainer that encourages and motivates you!

8. Do they want you to succeed?
Some trainers simply want a pay check and that’s okay. Living requires money to be made. However, having a trainer that wants you to succeed is invaluable. Having the hold you accountable on the days where you want to give up, is what’s going to make the difference between reaching your goals and letting your goals pass you by. Want to learn how to set goals that increase your chances of reaching them? Grab a ladder and check out SMART GOALS BLOG

9. Are they teaching or are they telling you?
It’s up to you really, but when choosing a trainer, you should ask yourself what your goal is in hiring them. Do you want to learn or do you want to only do. Either way, consider this question.

10. Will you benefit from them in the long haul?
What are they offering that is valuable to your long term goals? The goal of hiring anyone in a wellness or fitness field is so that you can become independent and grow beyond the services provided. So ask yourself how will you benefit from this service beyond the time you work together. 

 Now that you have these questions to consider, you are ready to choose your Master Trainer. We are looking forward to providing you with the best service possible and discovering, what is your motive?

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